If you thought Is She Filthy was good…

Just a warning for all y’all, this is most certainly as you would say, NSFW.

It is sad to say that after a short run…again…Is She Filthy was taken down by those Nazi’s over at Google. But don’t you worry, TCM has your asses covered. There is no doubt about it, we all love porn. What is even better, is free porn. Free video porn for that matter. You see last night TCM got a phone call from an old friend. One of those friends who you were good friends with in high school but you both went to different colleges and forget either one existed until they drunkenly stumbled upon their yearbook to make fun of all the cheerleaders who got fat, pregnant and/or died then accidentally came across you. Not sure it was entirely an accident but that really doesn’t matter to be perfectly honest. All you need to know is that his name is The Captain. Now I know what you’re all saying, but this is different. We are The Captain of Stupid. He is The Captain of Free Video Porn.

He has recently just opened his website called The Dirty Captain and it is pretty much a YouTube of porn. Mind you it is still in the early stages but by you signing up and adding videos, this can be the greatest pirate porn site on the internet. Wait, did I just say that? Pirate porn? Yes, yes I did. To be perfectly honest, he doesn’t have any pirate porn but I know you all do. So head on over the The Dirty Captain, watch and upload some videos and be sure to invite your extremely hot neighbor along with her semi-hot roomate. They will appreciate it…to some extent. We guarantee it.

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