Hottest Women of Weather

There is no doubt, this winter has sucked some major balls. Snow, ice, sleet, thundersnow, the whole friggen lot. Sure, there are many people you can blame; oil company CEOs, the President, that goddamn Groundhog, or even the Weatherman. Why do people blame the Weatherman? They are pretty much mainly a TV personality that just relays info to the public. Well, it could be that they are mostly old douchey dudes that you would love to punch in the face regardless of their profession. However, there are some news stations that do the right thing and have women as their weather person. No one blames a hot ass lady. So, in light of our unfortunate weather situations we proudly bring to you, the hottest women of weather.

Mayte Carranco – Mexico
Mayte Carranco

Photo courtesy of H Para Hombres.

Sugey Abrego – Mexico
Sugey Abrego

Angie Gonzalez – Mexico
Angie Gonzalez

Alejandra Stephany Lopez – Mexico
Alejandra Stephany Lopez

Jackie Guerrido – Puerto Rico
Jackie Guerrido

Gaal Noemi – Hungary
Gaal Noemi

Photo courtesy of FHM.

Ariane Brodier – France
Ariane Brodier

Photo courtesy of FHM.

Jackie Johnson – USA
Jackie Johnson

Kait Parker – USA
Kait Parker

Maria Molina – USA
Maria Molina

Chrissy Russo – USA
Chrissy Russo

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Russo Facebook Page.

What have we learned today? Get your weather information from Mexico.

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