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Just because we all need a Rocky IV training montage moment to get us motivated about life once in a while:

Highlights of this clip include when Rocky begins lifting people in a old ass push cart, when he rips Drago’s picture up and stares into the mirror with his newly sculpted beard, when he out runs the commies, and all of the triumphant yelling on top of the mountain at the end. Amazing.

PS – Captain Yar is actually an extra in this clip. Who is he? Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Video of the Day

  1. Man this video gives me reason to wake up in the day! That is quite the beard also, and the GH Drago was shooting up was an eye opener.

  2. Freaking awesome you are right this thing got me pumped. I just punched the Fed Ex guy in the face!

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