Twisted Metal Returns.

Inspired by Captain Yar’s foray into Mortal Kombat, I thought I would post up a trailer from another classic video game franchise: Twisted Metal.

Debuting at this year’s E3 2010 Convention, Twisted Metal appears to be coming to PS3 sometime in late 2010 or early 2011.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal 2 was the first game I purchased for Playstation 1, and will most likely be the first game I buy for Playstation 3. None of the subsequent releases ever topped the second, but they were still undeniably fun. TM2 was and still is incredibly ahead of it’s time, because there’s never been another game quite like it. A pink caddy that shoots flames and is driven by a gangster? Check. A police car that tasers it’s closest enemies? Yup. A purple hearse that shoots out….something? Love it! A black dude whose arms are attached to two huge wheels? You got it! This does not mean, however, that I didn’t hate getting FUCKING BOMBARDED by pink ice cream cones.

LEFT RIGHT UP FREEZE motherfuckers. Axel power.

More information and game play footage here.

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