Her face is stuck

Today we come across a girl who has the potential to be cute, but she keeps making the same douchey kiss face in each photo. The same goddamn face. This ultimately brings her cuteness down to almost wanting to punch her in the face. Wait. We have something here…I believe…yes…this girl is the first official douche-bitch. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we have come across a new species of douche. The douche-bitch. She can be seen in clubs looking anorexic, fake, coked up, orange, semi-hot and pretending to act tough when really if you were to breathe on her she would probably break in half and cry. This girl surrounds herself with the male version of her. If they were to make babies, the baby will become what we like to call here at TCM, a super douche. These super douches can only be killed by lighting their hair on fire and then ferociously stabbing them in the face with a gold plated dagger. Well, pretty much you can do that to any douche and they will most likely die. So, anyways….

Here is the video of that douche-bitch with the same face in about 100 photos all to the tune of the Indiana Jones theme song. Enjoy.

Hmm…never thought to think that maybe her face is just permanently stuck in that position. O well, I bet you she takes it even if she is semi-retarded looking.

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5 Responses to Her face is stuck

  1. i would watch: for the hilarity. stupid douche-bitch.

    i refuse to watch: for i fear the coupling of one of the great works (which is near and dear to my heart) of the great john williams with photographs of the first ever douche-bitch will tarnish my love for the man with the hat.

    thus: i will take the first frame of the video seen above at face value and merely close my eyes and imagine douche-bitch simply anywhere with the same damned face. it cant be that hard: there arent too many places she could end up: tanning booth, mall, bar, bar mens bathroom. etc. the environments–im sure–are not numerous.

    regardless: thank you cap’n for introducing me to this new term. i will use it often, and i will use it proudly.


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