Conan O’Brien, where art thou?

I’m sure we all know the Conan saga that is going on and yes, we have learned that NBC and Jay Leno are a bunch of pee holes.

Conan by far is the best current late night host on television. It is a damn shame that these suits have to push his Irish ass out on the streets (well, not really the streets, NBC I believe gave him somewhere in the range of $45,000,000…I think he’ll be alright). We hope to see Senor Conan back on the air soon, on Fox or any other channel spewing out the most ludicrous comedy on television.

In no particular order, TCM will present some top moments from Late Night with Conan O’Brien (prior to his moving to The Tonight Show). We love you Conan.

Conan visits the Old Bethpage Restoration

Conan at FAO Schwartz

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits Star Wars fans

Some of the funnier bits throughout his Late Night career

Walker Texas Ranger

I could add a lot more, but I figure these will suffice. Let us know your favorite Conan moments. Holla!

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