Underrated Musical Instruments

Today in this ever popular series we will be discussing the magical instrument that have several uses. The instrument I am talking about are the Spoons. Yes folks, the Spoons. One minute you could be feeding grandpa his puree of prunes, the next you could be rocking out on stage for the whole nursing home. They are easy to play, but hard to master. Mind you being a master spoon player probably won’t get you far in life, but you’ll look damn cool trying to do so.

The spoons originated in Ireland and were not actually spoons, but bones. How badass is that!? If someone asked you what musical instrument you play, you would say, “I play the bones bitch.” First thing I would think is don’t fuck with this man, or he will kill me and use my femur for an instrument in his band that included, but not limited to, a Jug and a Washboard player.

Now I know we all have tried to play the spoons at one time or another probably failing miserably and/or looking like a retard doing so. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on trying. Take the Amazing Scotty Brothers for example, they started out sucking ass at playing the spoons, but after several hundred years of practice they became spoon masters. See for yourself in this exclusive video titled, “The Amazing Scotty Brothers Rocking The Shit Out Of Those God Damn Spoons”. Enjoy.

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