Top 10 Children’s Characters Who Were Defintley On Drugs

Have you ever revisited something you watched as a kid and saw it in a completely different light as an adult? Ghostbusters certainly qualifies, as I was too young to understand Bill Murray’s beautifully timed  sarcasm (I also seemed to think it was a scary movie as a child).  In other cases sex jokes would go right over my head as a youth and drug references as well. Now when I think about all those different characters on tv shows that I experienced growing up I wonder what the fuck they were on. Hell, I’ve watched the TV show the Monkees recently and it’s like a Spice Girls group for different stoner personalities.

The Monkees

Apparently, I’m not alone. The website, Guyism also had these drug addled thoughts since they have come up with a list of the Top Ten Children’s Characters Who Were Definitely On Drugs.

I’ll give you one guess….

Shaggy Doo

Thanks to O’Brien for hooking us up.

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