Top 10 Insanely Stupid Quotes From The Jersey Shore Rolling Stone Interview

I don’t think it is a surprise that Snooki has the most quotes on this list.

#10 – Snooki

“I got kicked out of Chili’s last time I was here. I had too many of these, and I got up on the bar and knocked over all the bottles of Chili’s liquor. They kicked me out for two days, until they realized who I was and brought me back. It was Sunday Funday. Where you say, ‘It’s Sunday, I’m going to get drunk.’ Is today Sunday?” 

#9 – Snooki

“At first I was like, ‘Is this what my life is going to be like now – hanging out with celebrities?’ But now I’d rather party with them than normal people”.        

#8 – Sammi

“I’m artistic. I like art, I’m very unique like that”.

#7 – Snooki

“To be honest with you, I Google myself every single day”.

#6 – The Situation:

“Maybe next year, I’ll be being interviewed by Forbes, because of the brand that I’ve created and success that I’ve had in just one year”.              

#5 – Snooki

“You get drunk and then you wake up the next day and are like, ‘Oh shit.’ That happens to a lot of girls, and I got a lot of fan mail from that, being like, ‘Oh my God, I do the same thing, I feel you.'”

#4 – The Situation

“You know what? My whole life people were saying that I have good genetics. Year-round my body looked unbelievable”. 

#3 – The Situation

“And Abercrombie & Fitch have a shirt called the Fitchuation, you know, after me, the Situation”.

#2 – Vinny

“There was a volcano in Iceland and the BP spill started – I can’t really talk to them about that stuff. Snooki thinks BP oil is for tanning or something like that.                                         

#1 – Snooki

“There will always be a Jersey Shore. It will be in the dictionary.

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  2. I really hate the entire cast so much.
    The worst kind of people on the planet.
    They are living evidence that IDIOCRACY is coming true.

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