The Vault

We’ve been around for about a year now and have generated some damn good articles that many of our new readers might not know about. With that said, we’re kicking off this new series of posts called “the Vault” which will allow us to take a stroll down memory lane when times were simpler, Captain Kirk was a contributing member, and Captain Yar had a horrible case of herpes.

Read on and learn something new about yourself:

Remember the guy who tried to pay his utility bill with a series of spider drawings? Well we sure do! More people checked out this early post than any other. After all the positive feedback we got on this post, we realized we were onto something.

Captain Yar contributed this gem from a night of drinking and headbutts. Be careful, your friggin’ head may explode.

If you read any of my work on the site, you know I love farts. They are just downright hilarious. The only thing funnier than a fart is a successful haduken. Thanks to us, you now know how to give one.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to TCM!

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