The Vault

It’s been a while since we rocked a vault post. Looks like we have to do something about this:

– We have a great history of starting series on the memo’s that never materialize. A great example is Forgotton Songs of the Moment and what better one to highlight than “Scatman” – a guy who wrote about scat (poop).

– Games are good too. Both Yar and I gave you directions for drunk ball as well as nutball. Both games may take years off of your life, but they are great to play nonetheless.

– Staying true to our roots, we provided the top ten pirate photos we have in the archives.

– Lastly, an in depth explanation from Faux News on why big butts are awesome – to a certain extent that is.

Well, that’s all we got from the Vault for this edition. If you have favorites we’ve missed, let us know and we’ll be sure to highlight them for you!

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