RIP Ultimate Warrior

It is a sad day today. One of our greatest hero’s has passed. The Ultimate Warrior.

Ultimate Warrior

Let’s take a moment and reflect back on the past posts we had about this great man.

Back in 2009, Captain Polish let the world know what he exactly wanted to be when he grew up. Spoiler alert: The Ultimate Warrior.

Captain Polish again brought to light the names of wrestlers, Mr. Warrior is mentioned, but it really is more or less figuring out what your wrestling name would be.

Again to no ones surprise, Captain Polish highlighted his hero in our “Smackdown” series. More specifically:

Here at TCM, we love the Ultimate Warrior. We like the idea you have no clue what he’s talking about half the time, we like the idea he’s from parts unknown, and we like the idea he’s a certifiable bad ass. Of all the wrestlers that ever existed, it’s safe to say that the Ultimate Warrior had to be the most intense and unpredictable. The Honky Tonk Man figured out the hard way.

We are all saddened here at TCM by the loss of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but I think Captain Polish will certainly shed a tear tonight while hugging his Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddies Pillow.

To close this somber post out, here is a video of the Ultimate Warrior doing what he does best. Besides kicking some ass, promos.

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