Interstate Olympics

People don’t care about the Olympics anymore and why should they unless we are competing against a communist or former communist country? Well I’ve got a way to change all that: Interstate Olympics. Why not have all 50 states compete against each other for supremacy across the United States?  Throw in the standards like Baseball…is Illinois better than Montana? We can finally include Football in the Olympics now Why stop there on “generic” American sports? Toss in shit like Ice Fishing and Human Deer Hunting, hick ass states now have a chance to shine. Ramp it up for 21st century appeal and give rich wives credit cards for shopping sprees and see who bankrupts their husbands first (New York, New Jersey, and California got that shit locked down).

This will promote State pride and healthy competition. It might further heat up North and South rivalry. This will also give the South the opportunity (in a non violent way) for a rematch against the North for the events of the Civil War.

Interstate Olympics 2012. Let’s make this shit happen.

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  1. It’s a great idea, but I have this feeling that there’s a real world equivalent, minus the cool, quintessential American events you added on

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