Christmas in July.

I write to you today, TCM readers, to inform you that Santa came through the Warbucks establishment and dropped off a big-ass book.*

If you’re a football fan, casual or hardcore, it is entirely mind-blowing to read the Almanac every year. The geniuses over at Football Outsiders continue to bang out ‘innovative statistics and intelligent analysis’ on a yearly basis, and this year I bring the delights to everyone that isn’t me.

The brain-child of Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders was orginally published in book form under the name Football Propectus and billed as a sister publication to the well-known Baseball Prospectus. They provide in-depth analysis on every team in the NFL including projections for mean wins, playoff contenders and fantasy-based statistics. But unlike most football sites and publications, Football Outsiders uses metrics I’m almost positive you never knew existed. Ever heard of Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA)? How about Adjusted Line Yards (ALY)? What about Sack Rate? Success Rate? Buy this shit, and learn all about it.

The Football Outsiders Almanac can be purchased for thirty bucks at

*And by book I mean PDF version of the Football Outsiders 2010 Almanac

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