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I never understood why in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon all 4 of the ninja turtles wore eye bands. It made it seem like they we’re trying to hide their identity like when Robin (of Batman fame) wears one. I’m not sure if they realized this, but their wasn’t 4 other huge ass mutated humanesque turtles running around NYC that they could have gotten mistaken for.

In the live action movie, when Raphael goes up into the streets at the beginning he’s in a full trench coat with his hat pulled way down low. This is no doubt to shield his giant turtle persona from an unsuspecting and (genetic freak weary) general population. In the cartoon it just doesn’t make sense, everyone can clearly see they are giant fucking turtles, it’s not like if they didn’t wear the eye bands that they would be confused for those other ninja turtles.

What gives?

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  1. I will explain this….To identify each turtle they were color coded….If it werent for the knee pads, arm bands and eye bands, it would have been tough to decipher one turtle from the other, especially if they happened to switch weapons for the day….I know they DID have letters at their waist, but shit man they all look like the same mutated turtle…..Think of the eye bands like the color to your favorite sports team…It’s identifiable….My favorite color is blue so I always was a favorite of Leonardo….Hope this better helps you out.

  2. Also i heard the TMNT’s were big time stoners….They grew hydroponic sewer kush….I heard april had the steel eylids like she couldn’t open her eyes…..They mutated the herb into some kind of THC powerhouse….Look out for the SEWER KUSH bro

  3. Raphael and MICHELANGELO definitely were getting high on a regular basis. I think Leo and Donatello abstained. I think Splinter every once in awhile probably got down. Your boy Krang on the other hand was into all sorts of shit.

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