Public Service Announcement

For all those who don’t know and would like to have their childhood memories enhanced, the voice of Shredder from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was done by Uncle Phil (James Avery) of Fresh Prince fame. That’s right, Judge Philip Banks was slicing up ninja turtles through the justice system of ass kicking. Don’t believe me:

your welcome.

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  1. dude i did not know UNCLE PHIL was the voice of the enemy SHREDDER! FAR OUT!!! YOu can hear his fat ass voice clearly….Man i wouldn’t have been so afraid of shredder as a child if I knew he was CLEARLY voiced by the innocent Judge PHILLIP BANKS! Thankyou for making my fears of shredder SHREDDED!

  2. That explains why I saw him throwing poor Bebop out the front of the Krang’s spaceship by his shirt collar.

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