Mr. Perfect’s perfectness

If you read my stuff, you know I have a soft spot for old school wrestling. It was just what you got subjected to when you had an older brother and friends. You learned at a young age what it was like to Bushwhack. You learned how to do the figure-four leg lock. You learned about the hurricane splash, how to jump off the top ropes/couch, and how to also work the crowd. You also learned that Curt Hennig truly was perfect.

He was. Here are a series of clips Mr. Perfect did to show just how perfect he is:

and another…

and one more with Wade Boggs…

Now I fashion myself an athlete and I have a hard time believing I could do any of this as good as this guy. His moves on the wrestling mat were hard to mimic too with the Perfectplex being as hard to do as the British Bulldog’s power slam.

This is so amazingly 80’s I had to share it. I actually have been sharing it with everyone I know due to the fact I can’t get his theme song out of my head. I guess I have a soft spot for everything 80’s that is awesome, and well, perfect.

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