The testicle of a Right Whale is how many Spider Monkeys!?

The answer to that question is 78.12546865587 Spider Monkeys.

Now that I’ve literally blown your mind, your probably wondering how I knew that answer. Well first, you must know the weight of a testicle of a Right Whale which happens to be 1102.3113 pounds. Damn, imagine walking around with a thousand pound nut, times 2. You’d be a walking wrecking ball(s). Anyways, an average Spider Monkey weighs 14.1095 pounds. Now divide the whale testicle to the Spider Monkey and through the mysterious powers of math, you have 78.12546865587. Ouch, my head hurts.

To avoid the headache all together, you can just go to Weird Converter and find this out with two clicks. Not only can you compare the weights of a keg of beer to an average bowel movement (385.5749603085), but you can compare the length/height of a T-Rex to the Weinermobile (1.458150925926) amongst others and also the volume of the Grand Canyon to the NYC sewer system capacity per day (1525092.996087 <--that's a lot of poop!) as well as other useless comparisons.

What are you waiting for!? Don’t you want to know how many Grand Canyon’s a White Rhino can fill up with his spunk!?

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