Ranger fan has a small, sad penis.

Ranger fan with a small penis

So yea, that happened. For a second there, I thought I was looking at the People of Walmart website.

Last night at the Islanders/Rangers game at Yankee Stadium there was a really long line for the men’s bathroom. Like at any sold out event, these things tend to happen. Apparently though, this schmuck couldn’t wait a few extra minutes to take a piss. I understand that yea, when you have to pee you mother effin’ have to pee. But do us a goddamn courtesy and piss against the wall. No, not this winner of a human being. He just leaned back, pulled down his Spongebob Squarepants undies, popped out his shween and just went with it. Unfortunately for the girl in the pajama pants, she was thinking that was a place to refill her beer.

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