Phone Balls

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Phone Balls.

Remember Truck Nuts? Well, these are Truck Nuts for your iPhone.

Ladies, have you ever wanted a pair of balls for yourself? Men, have you ever wanted smaller, more colorful balls? …Well, maybe not but don’t worry Phone Balls has got your ass covered. It is a rubber casing for your iPhone with a nice little pair of balls placed on the bottom. But I bet your asking how do I charge my iPhone now!? It’s easy. Just tuck that little nutsack back and plug in your charger. Much like the one time you got involved with that transvestite hooker. Just tuck back and insert.

How about the always annoying when you are driving, wearing jeans, your phone rings and you can’t for the life of you get it out of your pocket so you just give up. Little known to you that the person on the other line was trying to give away their multi-million dollar fortune to the first person who answered their call! Bummer man. Well, fret that fear no more! With Phone Balls, just pull on that mini coin purse and out comes your phone! Don’t be surprised if you hear your iPhone scream every time you do so. It hurts to have your balls pulled…trust me.

So there you have it all of you fancy phone owners, head on over to Phone Balls and pick yourself up a pair! They come in Blue Balls and Peach Fuzz. Rain Forest coming soon.

Every time Captain Warbucks see’s these, he blushes.

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  1. Wow I’m suprised these havent sold out yet! They should have a design your own balls option so that the user can personalize and build their own balls to there specifications or likeness to their own.

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