Greatest Dance Move Ever

This summer at a wedding I saw two buddies pull off the following dance sequence:

It’s from a little known movie called Hot Rod (coincidentally, this is also the same night Captain Yar headbutted some goon and broke his nose. No lie). For the past two weeks or so, this dance has occupied my life. I’ve been caught doing it in bars, at work, at the gym, and even when watching a game. I really have no explanation why, but I think this is the fucking balls. Probably a solid case of OCD.

It’s also been a few weeks since I threw something up that can rival what Yar’s been producing. I’ve been having major brain farts and haven’t been able to develop anything good. That and I bought a smart phone and actually have become obsessed with mobile Facebook. If you’re a long time reader, you’ll know that I despise Facebook, but as Captain K said the other day – we all need to embrace it because it ain’t going anywhere. Another example of my growing OCD.

I’m going to explore my new love of Facebook in an upcoming post. If you don’t believe me, that’s perfectly fine. I’ve made so many damn promises on here that I’ve broken it’s alarming. I’ll actually post that a la Family Guy style as well. Probably another example of OCD for those magpies out there that like to psychoanalyze people when they probably shouldn’t.

Well turds, I’m out.

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