Most Awesomest Thing Ever

There is a debate going around to decide what is the Most Awesomest Thing Ever is. Stuff like cheeseburgers, Velociraptors, Hadukens, the Pyramids, the Underground Railroad and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds have been tossed around. There truly can only be one winner.

This website has this epic debate going on in the form of mini battles. Two items pop up and you choose one as the better of the 2. Some random shit can come up and tough decisions have to be made. Like you have to chose Lucky Charms vs. David Blane. Easy, Lucky Charms. But them comes along a battle of epic proportions like, The Umbrella Song by Rihanna vs. Bridges of Madison County. This is difficult simply because they both suck very very much but you have to chose which one is better. I personally would chose the Umbrella Song in sympathy for Rihanna getting beat up by the he-man woman hater Chris Brown.

Anyways, go on over and start voting for the Most Awesomest Thing. Ever.

If you get a match up between The Hills vs. Lasers and you chose The Hills, a midget wielding a double sided sword will magically appear and cut you into several pieces distributing them evenly amongst his miniature horses for dinner later that night.

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