Danny Tanner, Financial Benefactor?

Ever since I was a little kid watching Full House I often wondered if Uncle Jesse and Joey Gladstone paid rent to Danny Tanner. On Charles In Charge, the terms of agreement were made very clear. Scott Baio got free room and board in return for being a full time baby sitter and occasionally hitting on the oldest daughter. With Full House, it just never made sense to me. Danny Tanner’s wife dies and he has 3 young girls to raise so he asks his brother in law and best friend to move in and assist him? Really?

Let’s think about this – Jesse has his own 80’s hair band, The Rippers who somehow sound pussier than the band Extreme. Joey Gladstone is the most unfunniest fucking comedian that I have ever heard, he got beat on Star Search by a guy who juggles balls with 3 hands. His gigs at the Comedy works were sporadic at best. I have no idea how these 2 could ever put a decent dent into their own room and board, let alone the rest of the house. Jesse playing at gaybars 3 nights a week for free drinks and Joey blowing his only income on a fucking mannequin that he dresses up in hockey gear and stupid novelty gags. How in God’s name could Tanner afford a house in Frisco with a baby, two young girls, 3 adult males and a dog all living together on a sports reporters salary? It just doesn’t make any fucking sense.

Worse yet, at one point Jessie moves into the attic with his wife and 2 kids! I assume he was paying rent then, since he owned the Smash Club and his wife was a co-anchor on a “successful” morning show.

Danny Tanner, I ask how much of a sucker could one man be? Is the love of your family really worth putting yourself (and them) in financial debt for decades to come?

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