College Was A Simpler Time

I know that everyone says their college was crazy and things got out of hand all the time. Well, my freshman year everyone in my hallway got arrested due to constant and utter destruction of the hallway that we shared with our RA. Towards the end of the year a policeman was hired to patrol our hallway at set intervals throughout the day. The year ended with just about everyone being banned from ever living on campus again.  In the tradition of “the note“, TCM now brings you another, originally left by my RA to the janitor.

Ah yes, a time to reflect back on. Another thing you should know is that our much hated RA was affectionately known as Moby due to his baldness, femininity, his recreational activities involving sex with a fat ugly (wo)man and singing in our campus’ acapella group. This also meant that his physical appearance strongly resembled one of Tennis’ biggest stars, Andre Aggasi. We couldn’t have been more delighted one Saturday morning when we woke up and found that one of our friends, while blacked out, had decided to draw a mural of our RA with marker on the wall next to his door.Thus ensuring it would be one of the first things he saw after he woke up.

God Bless America.

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