Worst Pirate Themed Attraction Ever

Worst Pirate Themed Attraction Ever

Pirate Campground: Paint your own T-Shirt. Bingo. Make your own sundae. Chinese Auctions and BBQ’s. Even a free breakfast for dad on fathers day!

TCM is officially spreading the boycott. This is the worst pirate themed tourist attraction ever created. Upon further review of the site and activities, there is not one pirate theme to be found. The lake is not named after Black Beard. The sites are not shaped like skulls. There is no whore house or on site bar. You can’t even barter or pay in gold.

If you can find a worse pirate tourist attraction that this camp site, please send it to TCM for your chance to win a free T-shirt.

A suggestion from Captain Yar: Lets gather up a gang of pirates and hijack this blasphemous place.  We will show them what its like to be a real “Pirate Themed Attraction”.  We will meet at your local park and ride.  Be sure to dress in proper attire. And don’t forget to sharpen your swords.

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