Pirate Vocabulary

Pirate’s are known for having their own awesome language. It’s not French or something else wacked out; it’s really just terminology they used every day with their mates and lasses.

Read up on some pirate lingo below and begin incorporating into sentences. Soon you’ll have the respect of others which comes with a lower bar tab and the lasses waiting to court you (old school term for “bang you”):

Aarg!/Garr!/Yarr! – A General Exclamation; “Yo, what up?”
All hands hoay! – All hands on deck!; “Get your ass over here!”
Avast!/avast ye! – Pay Attention!; “What the fuck!”
Go on the account – Embark on a piratical cruise; “Go nuts”
Landlubber – Person who lives on land (and is clumsy at sea); “Herb,” “Turd,” or “Douchebag” fit
Picaroon – Rogue; “Badass”
Davey Jones’s Locker – Bottom of the ocean (where dead pirates go); “Spent”
Matey – Mate or comrade; “Buddy” or “Dude”
Shiver me timbers! – Blow me!; “Blow me!”
Swab – Ignorant person; “Asshole”
Sweet trade – career pirate; “Wall Street”

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