Your own personal action figure?

How fucking cool would that be!? You wake up to see your 12 inch self standing on your dresser across the room pointing at your ass telling you to “Wake the fuck up partner”. Most excellent. Then you realize that it’s your mom that’s yelling at you to come downstairs to take out the trash because the garbage men are down the block and you didn’t take the trash out last night so she is waking your ass up to do it this morning. But then you realize you are 27 years old and still taking out your parents trash. Not most excellent.

Anyways, That’s My Face is a website that will perfectly match your face and put it on an action figure or masks or 3D portraits and so fourth.

Out of options for Halloween? Be yourself you creeposaurus! That’s My Face will make a mask out of your face. You know, exactly like Silence of the Lambs, but minus the real skin and blood. The smell of maple syrup and hot dogs may still be there but it’s your face nonetheless.

I’m still waiting for them to make a life size look-a-like sex doll of myself…then I will seriously consider making a purchase.

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