Pastime Moment of the Day!

Today boys and girls, we are going to go back in time and talk about the nauseating toy called Skip It. This toy had 2 uses. First, it was used the way it was supposed to be used for, skipping and looking like you were having a seizure. Second, as a weapon. We will get back to the 2nd use in a second. For now we will discuss the insanity of this toy.

Ok, you take it out of the box, you are super excited, you put it on your ankle…now what? O, swing it around and jump up so it doesn’t slam into your ankle. Make sure all pets and grandparents are out of your way. And if you bought one of the older ones, a counter was installed. We need Skip It to make a mega comeback so the kids don’t look like this ball of fun. Childhood obesity is hilarious.

Now, if any of you were as smart as us, you would have used this toy as a weapon. It made a perfect battle mace. The ring for a grip, flexible plastic to swing, and the heavy duty end piece for the mace head. Mind you, if you got a good blow in with this toy, it certainly knocked out your opponent but also shattered into pieces. You certainly had some explaining to do as to why the mailman was knocked out bleeding from the head and your sister’s toy broken into a thousand bits.

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  1. I would always hurt myself! Either by smashing it into my own leg or by tripping over it! You need a certain level of coordination and skill to actually get anywhere with this thing.

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