Kids Are Kids Again! Part 2

Our greatest pastimes turned into real life movies!
A continuation from Part 1

4) Lego Matrix – An X rated movie good for both the kids and adults of the world.

5) Estes “Double D” Rockets! As Obama feels it is more important to repeat  failed mistakes of the past with the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers tax payer funded program (Clinton did it with the housing market – see where that got us?), the United States can no longer afford to pay for a space shuttle program, set to expire in 2010. Backyard Estes rockets are the closest we’re ever gonna get to the moon – so, why not make a movie out of it? And Hollywood won’t even have to pay for the special effects,  just bribe teachers to have their 10 year old kids build the rockets as a science project.

6) Gremlins vs. Ferby:  What happens when the world runs out of water and the battery powered Ferby’s wreak havoc on downtown LA? Da,da,da….

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