Kenner Toys: The True Prince Of Thieves

When I was younger, I loved everything about the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves movie with Kevin Costner. My brother had the cassette single for “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”. I even loved the music video that had Bryan Adams rocking out in Sherwood Forest.

One Christmas my parents bought me a handful of Kenner Toys action figures based on the movie (how many people can claim to have Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman action figures?) I was also given the toy that was the base of operations for Robin Hood and his so called Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. I was however, profoundly pissed.

This toy was the EXACT same fucking toy my neighbor had for the Ewok Village from Return of The Jedi. They didn’t even change anything besides adding green leaves. They just marketed it as something different 8 years later. What a fucking sham! They must have had warehouses of the originals left over and pulled a fast one on a bunch of kids. It’s the same friggen plastic mold for christ’s sake.

Had I known this before hand, I would have had my parents swipe my neighbors Ewok Village and have them just give me that for Christmas. Or I would have held onto the Sherwood Forest one and unloaded it off on a Star Wars uber fan geek for a hefty price.

Does anyone else get the feeling George Lucas somehow masterminded this entire thing?

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