Choose Your Own Adventure (For Adults)

Captain Kirk awhile back proposed the idea to make the Bible a *choose your own adventure book, to increase its readability. I have to admit, he might have been on to something.

TCM reader, Illz has made his contribution to the series, crafting a story in that style we all loved as kids in a new adult themed way. (“Adult” doesn’t mean it’s highlighting the sexual life of Captain Polish, but it’s definitely not for kids).

What’s most amazing about this is the tone of the story, clearly Illz has done his homework. You can click here to read the intro. I was lucky enough to read the next section(s) and let me tell you, it gets even better.

*Choose Your Own Adventure books were part of every kid’s reading diet in the late 80’s/early 90’s besides their officially titled series their were also a tons of knock offs. This included a Nintendo series and I’ve also even seen an Indiana Jones Choose Your Own Adventure book.

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