“Print Is Dead” – Dr. Egon Spengler

Yesterday, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, Harold Ramis aka Egon Spengler aka Russell Ziskey aka Neurologist from Groundhog Day has passed away yesterday. The reason I did not post something yesterday is I was in mourning. Meaning I was watching all of his films and drinking a butt load of Ecto-Cooler. Well, I think it was Ecto-Cooler. I hope it was Ecto-Cooler.

Anyways, here are some notable films that Harold Ramis has acted in and/or wrote/directed:

  • Animal House – Writer
  • SCTV – Writer/Actor
  • Ghostbusters I & II – Writer/Actor
  • Caddyshack – Writer
  • Meatballs – Writer
  • Stripes – Writer/Actor
  • Groundhog Day – Writer/Actor
  • Analyze This & Analyze That – Writer
  • Knocked Up – Actor

Sad day, indeed. What else is there to say that Dr. Egon Spengler couldn’t say himself.


Rest In Peace Mr. Ramis (and Ghostbusters 3).

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