In the market for a house?

Well, why don’t you buy the Amityville Horror House? Yes folks, the infamous house that Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six family members in 1974 is up for sale for a cool $1.15 million. You will be glad to know that the house does not come with bleeding walls, swarms of flies or a demon pig named Jodie. It does however come with a boat house, 3 and a half baths and sits right on the water. Not bad for once a house that was apparently haunted as shit and was originally bought for $80,000.

Here is what the current house looks like:

Pretty nice house considering 35 years ago some pretty sketchy shit went on.

Come on buy it, you know you want to. If you mention TCM to the Realtor, maybe…just maybe, he’ll throw in those bleeding walls.

Good lookin’ Hot Dog.

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6 Responses to In the market for a house?

  1. Have you ever read about The Amityville Horror? Apparently, the whole thing was a fucking hoax. I spent like 12 hours of my life learning all about, and ended up doing a paper in college about it.

  2. Nah, the murders are real. The Lutz’s experiences after the murders are what is a hoax.

    That fucker is still rotting in jail to this day.

  3. The funny part is that instead of embracing the notoriety, Amityvillians have always been real babies about the whole “Amityville Horror” thing. If you ask where the house is you’re more likely to get a snotty “get lost” than directions. Never mind that there are areas in North Amityille that are a whole lot scarier than anything you see in the movie!

  4. The movie was good but personaly I would have bought the house don’t think there really something wrong with it it’s just a normal house who cares that ages ago there was a person who killed people in it now he is in prison and not going to kill us so we can simply just buy the house I think it’s very nice.

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