"Hi, my name is TexasMotorSpeedway.com"

Well if NASCAR isn’t the world most boring sport right next to basketball and Extreme Grass Growing Championships, the President of the Texas Motor Speedway is trying to spruce things up a bit. Not with the actual NASCAR, but with a local radio DJ.

Eddie Gossage, the President of Texas Motor Speedway, is asking a local radio DJ to change his name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com for a single year and get a tattoo of the speedway. The DJ has 24 hours to respond. Why would anyone change their name to that you ask? Well, how does receiving $100,000 to do so sound? Yea, I’d probably do it. But then again I’d also climb the Empire State Building wearing a pair of them old fuzzy pajamas with the ass flap open and once I reached the top, I’d take a huge poop off the building shouting, “Fire in the hole!” for a junior bacon cheeseburger and 3 chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. That’s also negotiable.

Hey, here’s an idea. If you legally change your name to TheCaptainsMemos.com, we will send you a shitload of stickers. Hell, even if you name your poop TheCaptainsMemos.com we will be happy.

Yahoo, the leader in NASCAR news, broke this retarded story here.

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