Drugs Give You Super Powers…

In this case, the super power to rip a man’s heart out.

So yea…Jarrod Wyatt, a US cagefighter, thought it would be a great idea to drink a cup of shroom tea and then rip out his trainers heart, Taylor Powell, while he was still alive.

If ripping out Powell’s heart wasn’t enough, he also cut out his tongue and ripped most of his face off. When the police arrived to the scene:

They claim they found the 26-year-old standing naked over his friend’s body with parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room in Klamath, California.

If this was a movie, and not real life, this would probably rate pretty high on badass things to do list. But it was real life so it rates pretty high on the most fucked up things you could possibly do list. His reason for it all, “I thought he was possessed by the devil”.

Oh, well that makes it OK then.

The best part of it all is that his lawyer tried to play the scene down by stating:

‘My client was trying to silence the devil,’ said James Fallman.

‘I think he was having a psychotic fit based on the mushrooms he had.’

Shit…You think!?

Read more about one of Captain Polish’s sexual fantasies here.

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  1. If this is a real story. WAY TO GIVE SHROOMS A BAD REP DICKHEAD …. not you Yar the Douchebag who removed heart and other parts

  2. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard…where were the other morons while he was doing this?

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