Facebook is great for a lot of things: networking, wasting time, stalking, etc., but there’s got to be better ways to share media – especially pictures. A few reasons I’m interested in bypassing Facebook for sharing photos are fairly straightforward:

1. I don’t want every asshat that has befriended me or stalking me to see my photos.
2. I also don’t want Facebook to own them. Side note: they own all of your content.
3. When I receive photos, I want the best resolution and quality as possible.

So after an atypical bachelor party I put on for a buddy this summer (atypical because there were no strippers at his request), I was approached by some of the attendees to share photos. The easiest way is using Facebook, but there had to be a better way. One of the guys told me about this site called Dropbox and it has since changed my life.

I’m now able to upload pics to it and can send them to friends, family, etc. without having others look at them. Not that they are intimate pics mind you, it’s just that not everyone needs to see me as a drunken idiot all the time.

In exploring the functionality of the site, you can actually upload music and movies as well. I haven’t gone this far, but it seems promising. Best thing is that you can select who can see specific folders. A good thing when sorting your pics you took on vacation with your special lady and pics you took in NYC with some college buddies.

No, I don’t work for Dropbox. I just started using it and thought others should check it out. I do use Facebook for networking, but I’m alarmed at how rapid the functionality of the site has progressed, how many people are using it (over 300 million), and how much personal information people are displaying. This site at least gives me the power to control who can look at pics and that’s good. I know, not a humorous rant, but as Bill Murray once said, “trust me. I may save your life one day.”

PS – A big shout out to Mr. Bill Murray on his 59th Birthday Today. Here’s a look back at Bill’s best work.

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