Our most recent staff photo - Kirk and Fuerza were in the shitter

Got your attention? Apparently two guys in NYC thought it would be a good idea to bury $10,000 in gold $1 coins in a random location in NYC and publicize it as a treasure hunt. I have no clue why they think this is a great idea. I mean if I have $10,000, I’m probably going to blow it on really dumb things that I don’t need. These two guys really want to create some publicity for their puppet shows so that’s why they’re doing this. Yes you heard that right, puppet shows.

Although their motives are questionable, the Captain’s can’t be any happier to put together the old crew, get drunk on a shit load of rum, and find some treasure in NYC. When it comes down to it, who wouldn’t enjoy spending some of their free time insanely drunk searching for gold in the middle of a mega-metropolis?

Like Prince said to Charley Murphy, “assemble your crew.”

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