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It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Ricky Martin is 100% gay.

Ricky Martin

To be quite honest, I’m not 100% sure this is truly breaking news. I mean, have you ever seen this guy? That’s almost like a bear coming up to you and saying, “Hey, I’m a bear.” Of course you would be like, “Nooo, I didn’t know that!”. Cause if you responded like, “No shit dumbass”, the bear would probably eat you. And then you’d think, “Wow, I’m so ripped right now…that bear in The Cleveland Show talks!”

But yea, Ricky Martin is gay. Watch out boys, he bangs…guys.

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  1. I believe the song referenced at the end of the article above is sung by Enrique Iglesias, another homosexual Latin singer. I know it can be confusing due to the large number of them floating around these days

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