The Return Of Is She Filthy

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in the Is She Filthy saga. Last week we found out that google had removed the webpage without any prior notification to the webmaster. Captain Polish put his fist through the wall,  Captain Yar punched a midget and I spent the next 48 hours in a dank bar and woke up in a ditch in Mexico. Grief is coped with in many different ways. However, like a 13 year old boy’s boner his first time at a beach, you can’t keep Is She Filthy down. The webmaster informed TCM that he is putting the site back into action, but he needs your help.

Start digging through your old shoe boxes in the back of the closet or dust off that external hard drive because he needs you to submit those pictures of your whorish ex-girlfriend that she thought you burned. Especially if she is or was a player in the Lingerie Football League. Honestly, what better way to get revenge?

Show your support.

Unfortunately Is She Filthy was taken down again, but this might cure your hunger.

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8 Responses to The Return Of Is She Filthy

  1. zero updates. I’m sure plenty of people have sent in new material. seems like a hoax. a successful hoax but a hoax nonetheless. how hard is it to put up even ONE new set/week?

  2. it went back up, then towards the end of August they added heaps of content, then it got nailed again today or yesterday, so its been deleted again.

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