Shoot A Brew

Have you ever been sitting in your backyard naked, alone and out of arms reach from your cooler filled with your favorite canned beer and in no ways are you getting up to get another because you are too lazy? Yea, we have all been there. Well, I think I may have found all of you lazy, naked fat asses a solution.

It is called the Shoot a Brew.

If you will remember back when we covered the beer throwing fridge. Well, this is exactly the same thing except it is a cooler and not your old mini fridge from college that still has remnants from that infamous “taco night”. Yea, you will never forget that night.

Besides being a portable cooler that throws beer at you, it can carry 24 of them. There is only a 2 second delay in between tosses which assures rapid refreshment. It has a waterproof remote control so the next time you take a bubble bath, you can bring Shoot A Brew into the bathroom with you. In the end though, that could be a dangerous situation since many of you probably don’t have 8 foot of clearance in your tiny apartment bathroom– which is how far the cooler can throw you a beer, 8 feet.

Take a peek at their rapid delivery system to calm a rowdy crowd. Well, not really rowdy but you get the idea.

The perfect companions to “Shoot A Brew” would be “Chuck A Cheeseburger” and “Toss A Stripper”.

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