Games that require drinking

I would like to introduce you all do a drinking game.  We here like to call it Drunk Ball.  Clear your mind of what you think it is, cause its not.


  • 2 people per team, 2 teams.
  • Beer pong size table.
  • Each person has an unopened CAN of beer in front of them. <— see the emphasis on can.
  • A coin is flipped to see who goes first.
  • Winning team of the coin flip is on offense, and the losing team….you guessed it, is on the defensive.
  • The offensive team has to throw a ping-pong ball at the opposing teams cans of beer.
  • If they throw and miss, then their partner goes, and if they miss then it goes to the other team.
  • If they throw and hit a can however, then they are to (on first contact with can) open their beer and drink as much as they can until the opposing team retrieves the ball and places it on the table saying, “stop”. Sometimes the team on the defensive can get the ball quickly enough before the person opens their beer.  If that is the case, then the person who threw the ball automatically opens their beer.
  • The offensive team keeps going until they miss a can of beer.
  • The game is over when both players on a team have finished their cans of beer. When you finish you beer, you must turn the can upside down on the table to show that you do not have any beer left.
  • If one person is done on a team, they can still play, but only on the defensive, they are not allowed to throw the ball, only retrieve it.

Those are the basic rules to drunkball. If you like, you can make it full contact…depends on your style. The game can be slow as shit, or done in 2 tries…depends on how manly you can drink your beer.

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