Boobs Vs. Butts – The Epic Debate

TCM is going to weigh in on an issue that has plagued mankind since cavemen realized why they got erections.

Boobs vs. Butts

It’s as simple as that.

We are going to let each Captain give their own thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Captain Flintheart
Generally, I had expected this to be a pretty open and shut case, but it ended up being more difficult than I had thought. Both parts of the female anatomy have just reason to be championed. However, I must admit I’ve been a boob man ever since I was young. In my opinion a bodacious rack with serious cleavage is the greatest evolutionary achievement humankind has ever seen. Summer tank tops, winter sweater cows, dresses, bathing suits, I love it all. Now that’s not to say I don’t love a well proportioned ass which may seemingly have an advantage with skirts, thongs and tight sweat pants/work pants.

In my opinion, the bottom line is that (for the most part) you either develop big tits or you don’t and there is nothing outside of surgery that will change that. If you have a flabby or shapeless ass their are exercises that will tone, tighten and shape your ass better. Therefore, in theory: Anyone could get themselves a nice ass, but a beautiful set of boobs you have to be born with the genes. Making their real estate value much higher than nice asses.

Verdict: Boobs

Captain Yar
As Flintheart stated, you think about boobs and you instantly become favorable of them. But then you think of the butt and say, “Wait a minute, I love the ass too!”. Throughout my semi-young existence however, I have always been a man who prefers a “healthy” rack on a woman. Something about them boobs makes you want to become their slave and do almost anything for them. Not being slaves of the woman, but being slaves of the actual boobs. “Ok boobies sure, I’ll go rob a zoo of all the monkey’s and panda’s releasing them onto a hovercraft on fire carrying nuclear waste traveling to the Galapagos Islands to have them participate in an epic battle where the referee is actually one of the past winners from a season of Robot Wars.” That’s a lot.

But then you come across a photo like this and you second guess your favoring of boobs. There is something about the awesome roundness of an ass that just mesmerizes me beyond belief. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some boobs but as I grew older I became much more fond of a beautiful ass. And remember, it’s easy to get caught staring at a girls boobs, not so much their ass; unless they have eyes in the back of their head of course which I’ve found out through time that many women do. Also as Flintheart said above, you can work on sculpting your ass ladies. If you have a gorgeous ass, then you worked hard and you want people to see your gorgeous ass. You just simply lucked out that you were graced with that unbelievable set of tits too.

Verdict: Butt

Captain Polish
The body of a woman is a work of art. Wait, let me rephrase that. The body of an attractive woman is a work of art. There clearly is nothing more beautiful than this creature. I’ve thought about this question many many times and have more or less realized that boobs and butts have their own special appeal.

Boobs can be found on women ranging from small to large and from sizes A to FF. II’ve always had the mantra, if you’re going to do something, do it big. Yes my friends, I’m a fan of big boobs. I love them. They don’t do anything special for you – they don’t fight crime, they don’t save lives, but they look amazing in a bikini top or in a tight sweater. Sweater puppets are simply god’s gift to man. Boobs are the first thing we as men notice. You see a women walking right at you and you just know how she stacks up. Big boobs exist for many reasons, but the big resource for them comes from a genes. If your girlfriend’s mom has a set, chances are she’s going to be OK too. The one thing about women and boobs that concern me is that often times big boobs are synonymous with big girls. Big boobs on big girls are a trap to me because I do like big boobs, but I do not prefer big girls. It’s like starring into the sun, it’s good to do every once in a while, but once you do it you remember immediately why you don’t do it every day.

Butts are a different animal. As my fellow Captain’s state, butts are sculpted where as boobs are built. You can’t go to the gym and work on your boobs. You just can’t. Butt, in the winter you’ll see every young woman in the gym working out on her rump. It’s true. Butt’s get attention and women know it. If I had the option of a woman with great boobs and a bad butt or bad boobs and a great butt I’d take the latter of the two because (1) she’s going to maintain that butt, (2) flat butt’s on a girl with boobs just look weird, and (3) although boobs are great, butt’s just say more about a woman.

It’s hard to give an answer on my allegiance, but it’s got to be butt. I went from being a hardcore boob man to a butt man in a matter of years. I just think a woman’s round ass is so sexy. Her boobs aren’t bad either, but I guess you can call me an ass man.

Verdict: Butts

Captain Warbucks

There’s nothing about this debate that’s easy, but one thing is clear: Were all winners. I thought about this for a long while, and although I love a good set of tits, I think the butt is always a more reliable piece of art.

At first I thought I was a boob man, because what’s better than banging a girl with a huge set of tits? I laid (layed?, hey ohhh) out every girl I’ve had sex with and 76% of them had a good to above average sized cup. I thought to myself “Damn, I must really like some titties” and what do you think about more when you see a bird: what her tits look like, or what her ass looks like? Tits. But then I dove deeper. Of the girls I ‘surveyed’ (it was most definitely a field survey) I realized that 66% of those girls had an ass that I would describe as ‘fantastic’. At this point, I realized I didn’t have much preference, or at least my actions didn’t show much. I have taken an alternate route.

You can’t trust tits. There’s push up bras, layering of tank tops, surgery etc etc. A girl with good cleavage might just have some nasty ass saggy tits and she’s wearing a $65 bra. But when you see an ass in jeans, a skirt or some kind of underwear, it is what it is. There’s no deceiving your eyes. Plus, as an added bonus, girls don’t know when you’re checking out their ass. But, they can certainly spot you staring at their rack.

As a lover of spanking the fuck out of a girl’s ass..

Verdict: Butts

A nice, fresh ass

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18 Responses to Boobs Vs. Butts – The Epic Debate

  1. Sitting on the beach here in South Beach it’s safe to say that the butt is still champion. Boobs do come in a close second though.

  2. As I girl with both an amazing rack and an equally amazing if not even better ass, I have to say that it’s yabbos all the way. I grew up with next to nothing boobs and a pretty spectacular ass and I have to say that even with my incredible backside, Life..Was..Tough. I longed for boobs and was caught many times checking out the racks of my fellow classmates. In fact I’m pretty sure that some of my H.S. classmates think I’m a lesbian. In my adulthood I have thankfully blossomed and often times I catch myself holding onto these wonderful gifts of nature (the view from above is pretty great, too). I don’t know if I am afraid I am going to lose them or what, but I certainly enjoy grabbing hold of the Ta’s much more than I do my ass. Sorry boys, but tits win!

  3. ASS all the way. and Nora Thanks for the picture . I too Hold my Breasts and catch myself looking at them. I really grew into them when i began drinking mass quantities of beer.

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  5. This is a great debate and a great story. There is one major problem with it, you forgot the truly best part of the female body… The Box. There is nothing better than a good box in some tight pants or shorts that clearly display “the gap”. The box takes it in my opinion.

  6. Let’s be truthful guys, if u were in a situation where you had too choose between a girl, that I’ll name C, with barely no ass , and a huge natural Rack; and A, a girl with an awesome, and attractive ass but with the tits of a 10 yo.
    Q: Which would you choose sincerely?

    But this situation is only an exception. Because, we have to admit that the perfect girl needs that great ass and the “box” as kangaroo calls it! The rack is only an extra, that I personally can live without.
    Indeed, I would leave any one of them for that X-girl, with the perfect ass, over-average rack, and the little cherry on top that is the wonderful gap given by the devil, that just pushes us to pop our jean zippers, and fall into the eternal masturbation crisis.
    So I ask this:
    Q: Does the “gap” need to figure in that debate?
    A: YES!!

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  8. I guess most of the people commenting here dont have much experience…Ass rules any day compared to boobs because ass is what gives a shape to a women…if someone has small boobs, they can just use Victoria Sectret push-bra and develop very attractive cleavage…but you cannot fake an ass! many women also do boob jobs so they are not even real! Ass…my fried cannot fake….big rack become saggy within years whereas small fruits can only grow…

    • Boobs let you know that its a woman.
      Ass alone doesn’t give shape to a woman. Its the Ass+Hips.
      So in that regard Boobs>Ass
      BUT Ass+Hips>Boobs

      And as some1 who has been neutral for many years, I started getting really obsessed with the Ass since few months back. I prefer Ass over Tits., so Ass>Boobs for me.
      If you say Boobs>Ass, I can totally understand that.

      Tits are life, ass is hometown.

  9. I personally prefer bums, but it’s subjective. It’s 50/50. Some prefer a woman’s backside, some prefer a woman’s chest.

  10. Big or small tits.. I’d 100% prefer to hit a bouncy booty from the back before a bony one. a nice bubbly ass is mesmerizing no matter what, even in sweatpants. tits are a fun bonus but personally, booty>boobs anyday

  11. Nothing on Gods green earth is as sexy as a pair beautiful Buttocks there is so much you can do with them .. they can be so soft yet when they flex those hard muscles they can be so hard .. you can whip em and watch em redden and bounce right back into shape .. you can even fuck em.

  12. A woman with a small waist , a flat stomach and kind of a wide pelvis as she goes past especially in tight jeans I just can’t wait to check out her ass , and if it’s a round little bubble butt I have this fantasy of spanking the living daylights out of it..making the blisters rise inside her Levis…

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