Winter’s Here, Stop Being An Idiot

It’s winter time.

Winter is a bitch, but 2010-2011 has been particularly shitty all over the United States. TCM would like to present you with 3 tips on how not to be a bigger asshole thank you already are this winter and save yourself from being murdered by Captain Flintheart.

After a snow storm clean off the top of your car.
Snowy Car
I understand if you have a van or can’t reach the top of the vehicle. Other than that you have no excuse. I can’t stand driving behind someones car that has a snow mohawk and it’s flying off their roof onto my windshield. If I’m going to die driving it damn well better be due to my own negligence.

If you have to park in the street during a snow storm and your car gets plowed in over night, shovel the damn thing out.
I'm stuck
This doesn’t even effect me but it infuriates the living shit out of me. I can’t stand watching some idiot try to drive over feet of firmly packed plowed snow for 20 minutes and get stuck when it would have taken them 6 minutes to shovel out of all the snow. Don’t be an idiot. Buy a shovel if you live in the North East, you will use it.

Don’t walk in the street.
Pedestrian Walking
I understand if things are messy and your on a desolate street. However, when sidewalks are shoveled and your on a main road you have no excuse. Don’t you understand in bad conditions drivers don’t always have the best control over their vehicles? We don’t want to slam on the breaks and skid into your dumb ass or another car because you felt like walking in the road.

Yea, I know that I have a lot of pet peeves but this winter is slowly moving these up the list. Oh yea, and if you happen to have car trouble or get stuck, the captains ain’t helping you unless you look like this.

I'll help.

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