Where The Hell Is My Tax Return?

Taxes, man.

Fucking taxes man. Like a good citizen of the United States I got my Federal Taxes done right away and filed them in the first week of March (unfortunately I did not qualify for a mustache tax break). After I began seeing a shitload of people who filed after me get their sweet return checks I began to wonder what was going on. I went through the IRS website where if you put your information in it will tell you when your refund checks would be mailed back. Mine said that they had received and I should get it no later than April 30th.

Well, I did get a letter right around than telling me like a dumb ass I had forgotten to include my W-2 form, so I would have to mail that in for proof of my wages. It’s been another 30 days and I haven’t heard back from them yet. I want my money, dammit.

What I don’t understand though is that if I gave them so much personal information why wouldn’t they just contact me by phone, e-mail or letter and let me know I forgot something and I’d be able to get it back to them before tax season ended. So yea, thanks for screwing me. This is just like the hotel situation all over again.

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3 Responses to Where The Hell Is My Tax Return?

  1. Ah yes, since you “forgot” your W-2 you are most likely put into the “follow up” folder which moves much slower than properly submitted stuff.

    Flintheart are you skitsofrantic? Second paragraph you say you got a letter pointing out that you were a dumbass, but the third paragraph you complain that you did not get an email, phone call, or letter?

    It’s not like they are waiting for just your taxes. They have a couple others to deal with.

    Hey when did pirates start paying taxes?

  2. I’m not schizo, just retarded. My complaint is that I submitted my return very early and I have a friend who put there’s in the day after mine and got their tax return back the 3rd week of March which would make me think that they had clearly checked my envelope. Why wait to contact me over a month later to tell me I forgot something? They have every kind of possible information to get a hold of me. I realize I am being penalized by having to wait so long, but it’s for a mistake that I could have easily rectified for them. Why wait till the end of April to send me a form letter when they could have just have easily mailed me the exact same letter when they realized there was no W-2 a month earlier?

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