This Was My Biggest Childhood Fear

Slim Goodbody

When I was a very young kid, the man pictured below had an “educational” tv show. His name was Slim Goodbody and he terrified me to death. In fact, he was my number one fear at the time. I would cry and beg my parents to turn it off anytime his show was on.

Seeing it now for the first time in about 25 years I feel 100% justified.  This shit is creepy on a few levels here. First and foremost dudeman’s insides are on his outside and there are so many fucking things wrong with that. Not too mention he’s wearing a skin tight unitard and his package is well on display, yet somehow anatomically missing from his body suit. He looks like Richard Simmons, Bob Saget and (old school) Howie Mandell all jizzed in a cup together and gave it to some lucky female recipient who wanted to bear the ultimate 1980’s freak.


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