The War On Fat Kids

First there was the War on Drugs, then the War on Terror, and now we’re fighting a new war – the War on Fat Kids. It’s true, the government is allocating a lot of resources (money) to combat (force) little chubsters (fatties) to get in shape (not be so fat).

Fat Boy

To put this in perspective, let me defer to Mr. Matt Furey on his opinions on fat kids and nutrition:

Yes, I am very concerned about obesity in this nation – but it begins with adults, not kids. It trickles down from mom and pop and their bad habits…It trickles down from fat parents who don’t read labels and don’t exercise. And don’t care.

Damn Matt Furey, you’re right. It’s not the kids we need to be targeting, but their fat parents! Parents who take the easy road and serve up double cheeseburgers instead of double servings of vegetables and other healthy foods.

You can’t just blame parents, though because as a nation we’re a huge collection of fat asses. Collectively two of three Americans are basically obese. I measure in at 5’10 220 lbs. and am considered mildly obese. I exercise, ride bikes, play sports, climb mountains, and live a normal life; yet I’m characterized as basically being a fat ass.

How did it get this way? Well for me, the post college years kicked my ass. Transitioning from days filled of walking around campus, playing pick up games of hoop, tennis, racquetball, etc., going to the gym, and going for a jog to sitting in front of a desk for 10 hours tends to take a toll on a man/woman. Companies need to consider wellness stations at work for this reason. Imagine how much productivity would increase if workers have more energy?

For America’s little fatties things are different. When I grew up, there was this concept of “play.” Play was anything. Play was riding bikes around town. Play was playing kill the carrier in someone’s front lawn. Play was hiking through the woods looking for Playboy’s. Play was something active – not video games, TV, or anything kids today do.

Why did play disappear? Well, today’s parents are pussies. There is no rational reason for calling them this outside of it being the truth. The world is too dangerous for their kids even if they live in the suburbs that has more cops than it knows what to do with. Rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and other rouges have existed for thousands of years, yet just today we’re now concerned with them ruining the welfare of our children.

Wake up parents. You want your kid to get skinny, get them off their ass and outside to create their own problems. The fact we’re going to spend more tax dollars to start a “new war” makes me sick.

We should consider taking a similar approach to what Japan is doing – set limits on clothes sizes and watch people get in shape fast. Yes, there is a fat tax in Japan and it works. If you are fat, you have to pay more money to live.

It’s worth a shot. The other alternative is paying more taxes because America’s little fatties are overprotected by their parents who probably are fat and have no intention of changing.

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One Response to The War On Fat Kids

  1. I agree with most of this Polish.
    However when you have kids, then come back to me about keeping them safe.
    Yes there has been crime for thousands of years but now we have 300,000,000 people in the US.
    Now there are many more pedophiles, rapists, general criminals.
    Sure you can say we hear more about them due to more media, but maybe if we had that information in teh seventies we would have been more conservative with our kids where abouts.

    And, I am a fatass (10 hours a day in front of a computer for work)with skinny kids. They eat healthy food, play outside, no TV all week long. So I think you may be using a broad brush.
    Although I have to agree it all boils down to pure lazy people. Trickles down as you said.

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