The Myth Of Energy Drinks

Do energy drinks actually work?

I’ve never copped a buzz from Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Java Monster, etc etc. in my life. I use to think it was because I was a soda junkie, but I’ve been “off” soda for the last few years and still nothing happens when I drink them. This has forced me to theorize that energy drinks are a nation wide conspiracy. They only “work” when people convince themselves that it works. I drink them occasionally these days for the taste…especially those god damn delicious Java Monster: Loca Moca.

Am I alone on this so called conspiracy? Or do energy drinks really work for you???

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7 Responses to The Myth Of Energy Drinks

  1. I don’t drink that shit. it’s expensive and I love my coffee. I’d rather die than put anything named RockStar into my system after paying about $4.00 for it. Fuck off energy drinks!

  2. I agree with Zack and flint, They do Absolutely nothing for me. They are just loaded with sugar and a little bit of caffeine. A single cup of coffee will do more. And don’t get me started about that 5hour, then came 6hour, now i guess there is some asshole who made 7 hour energy tiny drinks????? BULLOCKS!!! Energy drinks came into existence in like 2000 and are nothing more then a PLACEBO.

  3. I’m an avid coffee drinker but also regularly drink Red Bull. Caffeine gives me an overall rush but I find Red Bull gives me a more focused buzz – some of that may be placebo but there is indisputably a psychical reaction when I have it. This has applied to other energy drinks I’ve had over the years which leads me to believe the active ingredients in this beverages affect people differently.

  4. Although I do not drink it much anymore, there was a time in my life where I was addicted to red bull. I think the stuff is delicious. It is rediculously overpriced but that didn’t stop me for a while. I used to work at 3am and I would chug the shit on my way to work and it woke me up better than coffee ever has. Nowadays I only drink coffee though

  5. I drank Red Bull for awhile til I realized it made my teeth hurt from all the sucrose in it, and the the ‘crash’. They are shit drinks. Good ol’ coffee. That’s the shit. Old school, baby. i see guys at work chugging those Monster Energy drinks and talk about some grumpy pricks at the end of the day. Leave that shit alone.

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