Hey, I just bought a 3 legged car!

Last week, I was bored as shit so I decided to check out one of those used car TV channels where you can browse cars for sale. Well, 13 Red Bulls and 14 packs of Backwoods later, I finally came across a car you just don’t normally see here in the US, or anywhere for that matter.

The Reliant Robin.

The Reliant Robin

What this is, as you can see, is a 3 wheeled car with the 3rd wheel in the front. Much like a trike, but it’s not a trike, it’s a car. After some extensive research, and some common sense returning I thought, “Who the fuck thought of this, President Bush!?” That cocksucker would go ahead and design a car like this thinking it would be all “green and shit”. Well it wasn’t Bush, it was some drunk English guy with nasty teeth back in the 70s. Those Redcoats have the craziest sense of humor (See Mr. Bean). Either way, they made a car that is prone to flipping. Put it this way, the Reliant is like a 3 legged dog. It can run straight just fine, but if it takes a corner too fast, it will roll. Unlike the dog though, if you are in the Reliant and roll, you will probably die.

See what our correspondent, Jeremy Clarkson has to say while taking Reliant Robin on a field test.

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