Dear Ladies Of Facebook

 Most of you already know how the Captains feel about Facebook. If you want to post a bunch of almost naked photos of yourself far be it for us to try and stop you. However, don’t get pissed when people think your a slore or the fact that you have creepy people ogling your photos. Another thing, it’s not cool to post pictures of you drinking, nor is it attractive to the opposite sex. Once you get out of college (hopefully) you will realize that.

Please do not post 246 pictures from a single night you and your 2 friends making a bunch of stupid faces over and over again. Why do teenage girls sit in their house taking pictures of themselves making a pouty face a trillion times then take 30 more in the car doing the same thing? It’s fucking stupid. Is this what passes for fun these days for kids? It’s fucking retarded.

And another thing ladies. Guys know that when you put your hand on your hip in a picture it’s so you can appear thinner. Give it up.

That is all.

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  1. Nothing is more cliche than that pouty face…it’s pretty annoying to say the least. Thanks for setting them straight, Cap’n.

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