Cleansing The Jail System

This may not be a new or radically different idea than has been posed to America before. Then again maybe it is, by my ass is too lazy too google it. When someone is proven 100% guilty of a crime that gives them life in prison, give the guilty party the right to choose death over a lifetime in jail. This way we might not have to pay for their dumbass while they eek out a miserable existance for the next 55 years in jail…and it frees up some space. Don’t tell me it’s inhumane either. At least we’d give the person a choice. Some countries would just chop off their heads without asking questions.

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2 Responses to Cleansing The Jail System

  1. If you make the choice to kill someone intentionally, you should immediately be put to death. It is extreme bullshit that these animals are allowed to live and get buttfucked for like 20 years before they are put out of their misery. Well, maybe they do deserve to get buttfucked for 20 years.

  2. I’m in full agreement, especially when I’ve seen statistics that claim prisons spend upwards of 30-40,000 dollars a year per prisoners. It varies based on state, but that’s way too much. While there at it, these guys shouldn’t be able to get college degrees in prsion either. To save money, places like Arizona do have tent city/prisons, which seem to have been somewhat successful

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